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There are many reasons as to why someone may hire one of our luxury vehicles, whether it be for a special occasion, a one-off experience or to arrive in style. With our range of supercars, 4×4 vehicles and prestige cars, we can offer a chauffeur service at an additional cost. To give you a better understanding of what is included and when you can use our chauffeur service, we thought we would answer some of your queries. Answered: Do You Offer A Chauffeur Service? A chauffeur service is a great way to experience the full luxury of one of our world-leading vehicles without having to worry about getting behind the wheel. When opting for our chauffeur service during your luxury car hire in London or the surrounding areas, our team will ensure that the car arrives at a pre-agreed time to get you to your required destination. Some of the most common questions we are asked about our chauffeur service include: Who Will Be Driving The Car? What Car Can I Be Chauffeured In? What Are The Advantages Of Using A Chauffeur? When Can I Use A Chauffeur? Chauffeur Service Who Will Be Driving The Car? When hiring chauffeurs in London and in the surrounding areas, it is vital to know that you are in safe hands at all times. With this in mind, all of the drivers here at Royal Rentals are professionals in what they do, along with the ability to drive various different cars that we have available for hire. This will ensure that you gain the most out of your hiring experience, and you feel safe during your journey to your requested location. To ensure maximum safety during all experiences, Royal Rentals chauffeurs are also fully vetted before becoming a member of the team. We take health and safety seriously and aim to give every client the best experience possible. If you are booking a luxury car experience for someone under the age of 18, then please contact the team for more information, as you will be required to have a chauffeur regardless of the experience. Chauffeur with white glove Advantages Of Using A Chauffeur There are an abundance of advantages that come alongside using the Royal Rentals chauffeur service, and our team will ensure that you can reap these benefits when using our supercar, 4×4 and prestige hire in Chelsea and in the surrounding areas. Some of these benefits include: Looks professional – when using the car for corporate hire, you can ensure that you make a good first impression with a reliable and high-quality vehicle. Perfect timing – once you have picked your luxury vehicle, the Royal Rentals team will arrange a time and destination for you to be picked up and dropped off, making sure that you get to your location on time. Hassle-free – if it is a big day such as a prom or wedding, then the chauffeurs can provide you with a hassle-free experience. Expert support – when you haven’t driven a luxury vehicle before, they can be somewhat daunting. There is a lot that goes into the design of our leading vehicles, including various different advanced technology. Our expert team can ensure that you experience every element of the luxury vehicle. Sit back and relax – while the chauffeur is making sure you get to your destination on time, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Woman getting into chauffeur car When To Use A Chauffeur There are some events and occasions that are ideal for using the Royal Rentals chauffeur service. For example, our airport transfers in Mayfair and hotel transfers in Knightsbridge are ideal for using a chauffeur service. Chauffeurs can be arranged to drop you off at private airports in your desired location, as well as a range of 5-star hotels. If you would like to know more about the airports and hotels that we transfer to, you can either take a look at our area pages, of which include a selection of hotels and airports, or you can contact the team. The Royal Rentals team are more than happy to arrange transfer to a different hotel if it has not been listed on our site. Alternatively, weddings and proms are also a fantastic time to use Royal Rentals chauffeur service. You and your partner can sit back and relax, while being driven in one of the worlds most prestigious vehicles. Those hiring vehicles for proms are most likely going to be underage, but that doesn’t mean that they cant enjoy taking a ride in our luxury vehicles. There are a range of occasions whereby you may wish to hire a car with a chauffeur service, and our team are more than happy to help you with your arrangements. Chauffeur driving cars Help With Hiring Royal Rentals has been hiring world-leading luxury cars to various clients over several years and is proud of the exceptional experience that we provide each and every one of them. If you are interested in hiring one of our vehicles, and would like to include our chauffeur service, feel free to contact the team, who will help to arrange everything you need for a hassle-free experience.

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